Nice to meet you!

Communication and Graphic Designer
Digital Media Marketing Oriented
based in Milan.


I have always been that kind of person who is capable to look carefully everything around, understand the dynamics between people and get inspired by the world.


During my training at Politecnico di Milano, I have always tried to overcome many obstacles with determination and dedication. I’ve improved my knowledge and my abilities every year.


I will be always honest and direct with the people around me, taking care of good manner and good education. I will always think about my role in an ethic and possibly the most correct way.


I’ve tried a real teamwork situation during workshops. During these multiple situations, I’ve developed new skills and character attitudes that I didn't even know I had. Also, I’ve learned to work with a lot of people that despite so many different interests, habits and opinions, we were always able to create something f****** good.


New adventures, new experiences and everything I could learn about new cultures while abroad are welcome into my life. That is what makes me an interested and open-minded globetrotter.